Dutch Estate Service, your guide during the buying process

You have seen the perfect house! You may decide to buy this house all by your self or to give yourself a headstart and do it together with our experts. After all, the sellers or their estate-agent aren’t there for your benefit! You can expect the following from us:

 Your estate agent will view and review severall properties of your choice (3 included)
 A visit together with your estate agent and a local architect to the choice of your preference
 An independant appraisal
 Professional and optimal negotiations on your behalf
 Environmental scan with valuable information about the neighbourhood
 Research on servitudes and other commitments
 Research on ownership situation of the ground
 A complete legal check of the purchase agreement
 Inspection during the delivery of the property
 Accompanying you to the notary for the formal transfer


Purpose: A safe purchase at the lowest price!

If you don’t buy then you’re only obliged to pay the costs incurred

So in that case youy only pay the actual costs we made on your behalf.

Our tariff consists of a fixed base rate of € 995,- (partly tax-refundable) in order to cover our expenses and in addition … a 10% bonus over the price difference we negotiate for you.

You may rest assured our negotiator will ascertain a rock bottom selling price to his own advantage (which will naturally also be to your greater advantage!).

Tariff and rates

Guided service architect

This unique service prevents surprizes afterwards.

An architect is a certified building expert. You will get an good idea of the state of the house and possible hidden defects. Ask questions and take advantage of his insights, knowledge and often surprising ideas.

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Our experiences negotiaters will prevent you from paying to much.

Negotiating is our speciality, we are good at it! Our workingconcept exists since 1998. We are one of the first estate agents in Holland to utilize a performance fee. And we still do! Our clients pay us a part of our negotiatingresult. This is transparant and fair. This way the more you gain the more we earn.

What to expect